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Shipping personal effects internationally just got safer with Parcel King.

Put your trust in our VIP service and avoid delays and expensive duties and taxes.

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  • Our highly experienced International Specialist with over 40 years of experience, work for you around the clock to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.
  • From a few boxes to a full container – We’ve got you covered! Pack your own or we can pack it for you
  • Tier One Carriers, fully insured options
  • We specialise in Personal Goods, Furniture Removals, Fragile and Sensitive goods.
  • Over 150 locations Australia wide

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Parcel King’s International Freight Specialist offers you the opportunity to save time, money and energy on all of your International needs.   With us, you can send your Personal Effects with the world’s largest carriers and get great rates at the same time.
Having the peace of mind that your Personal Belongings will get to their end destinations with the minimum of hassle and cost to you is our priority. And if we do encounter any problems along the way, our Australian Based Customer Service Department is on hand to help whenever you need it with one simple phone call.

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While we endeavour to work with carriers that provide only the best level of service, unfortunately things do go wrong. As a result, Parcel King has teamed up with FreightSafe to offer our customers extra piece of mind when your goods are in transit.

The FreightSafe Warranty provides an added level of cover for those occasions when the unforeseen happens, subject to the Terms & Condition of the offering, which can be found below.

If you have any questions around this, or any of our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.